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Micro Shore Method Press Release

Micro Shore Method Press Release

Micro Shore Method Press Release

Hardness testing on thin-walled materials and finished parts with a Shore specification? Bareiss Micro Shore device with DAkkS calibration certificate according to ISO 17025!

Many companies are familiar with the problem – the hardness specification on the drawing of a finished part is specified according to Shore A or Shore D, but the part is too thin-walled to be able to measure using the same method. There are three ways to deal with this problem:

1. A test specimen is produced which meets the specification values according to ISO 48-4 (formerly DIN ISO 7619) and then measured with Shore A.
The problem here: The finished component behaves differently than the standard test specimen specially produced for this measurement, which means that the measured values are no longer directly comparable.

2. The specification is changed to a different measurement variable (for example from Shore A to IRHD Micro).
While this option is still easy with newly developed parts, users face a challenge with established parts: the entire value chain (from supplier to end customer) already works according to existing specifications, which means that all technical documents would have to be changed. This change is only possible with great effort.

3. The finished part is measured with a Micro Shore method from Bareiss! Materials with very thin walls can be measured directly and the value immediately compared with the specification on the technical document.

The Micro Shore processes have existed for over 40 years and are widely used in industry. They were developed by Bareiss as early as 1972, but were apparently ahead of their time at the time. Now there is a decisive innovation: For the first time, Bareiss DAkkS calibration certificates according to ISO 17025 can be issued for the Micro Shore process. This means that these processes now also receive the highest possible quality certificate formally and thus offer you additional security compared to the measured values generated.