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Accelerated Weathering Instrument Bandol Wheel - Model 532

Accelerated Weathering Instrument Bandol Wheel – Model 532

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BANDOL WHEEL® 532 is a compact instrument for accelerated weathering tests. The samples are placed in a circular rack around the horizontal axis. The rack rotates around the UV source so that optimal radiation is provided to each sample. There are two models available, the 532-I for dry cycles that reproduce the photo oxidation process without the influence of a liquid medium and the 532-II that provide wet/dry cycling as the specimen are immersed in a suitable liquid during a portion of the cycle. Further a mask can be added to the 532-II that permits the obscuring of the UV radiation without having to switch off the lamp (this allows for a longer lifetime of the lamp).

Standards: PrEN 16472, NF T 51-195-5, ISO 4892-1

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Features & Advantages

  • The average radiation over each exposed sample are ensured by the rotation of the rack around the horizontal axis. This leads to optimal test reproducibility and reliability.
  • The main advantages are: excellent efficiency of UV radiation (3 times more than Xenon lamps); negligible emission of UV C; balance UV A- UV B similar to the global radiation on the Earth surface; long lifetime and a very weak altering of the spectrum during the lifetime of the lamp.
  • Another advantage is the exceptionally large total exposure surface (more than 100 samples of 1 cm width) in relation to its size.
  • This System, together with temperature regulation by a micro-controller, allows you to obtain results that classical instruments cannot achieve.