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Visual Inspection Machine - Auto Sorting – Surface and dimension defects

Visual Inspection Machine – Auto Sorting – Surface and dimension defects

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Molded rubber components are very tricky parts to identify defects. Rubber is very flexible and most components are black. Identifying a defect on a black surface can be very tough.

Challenges of manual defect inspection:

  • An operator is not consistent.
  • An operator is more alert in the morning than in evening.
  • An operator gets easily fatigued and distracted.
  • An operator gets bored with monotonous work like inspecting millions of parts.
  • An operator judgment can be influenced by his prejudice.
  • A higher number of operators are required to perform the job of a single machine.

Advantages of an automatic visual inspection machine:

  • A machine offers consistent and repeatable performance regardless of time and volume.
  • A machine identifies defects without any prejudice.
  • A single machine is more efficient than multiple operators.
  • A machine can collect data and generate reports which can be used to eliminate the source of the defect.
  • Most importantly, end customers using the finished part trust sorting done by a machine more than sorting done by an operator.
  • Of course, the machine has its own limitations. It can’t change the viewing angle of the part since it has no hands and in cases where the defect does not offer sufficient contrast to the rest of the sample surface, it can be difficult for the machine to identify the defect.
  • But the advantages out weight the limitations

Technical Specifications of visual inspection machine

We offer automatic sorting machines which can:

  • Be set up to identify defects on parts of circular shape and technical shape.
  • We offer machines with a single transparent glass table as well as machines with two tables and a turn over system which turns the part to inspect the other side.
  • The machines can identify dimensional and surface defects.
  • Defects on internal and external parting lines of circular parts can be identified.
  • Circular parts with closed defects can be identified using a special squeezing tool.
  • We can offer solutions to check planarity of the parts.
  • The machines have counters to count the number of good parts and rejected parts.
  • The machine can be integrated to a packaging machine at the end which will automatically pack the parts once sorted.
  • Above is a brief snapshot of the possibilities. Please feel free to contact us for further information
  • We can also call these machine O ring sorting machines
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