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Automatic Cupping Test Machine Model 111

Automatic Cupping Test Machine Model 111

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Model 111 is a table-top model with compact dimensions which requires only a minimum of space. All hydraulic and electronic control and drive units are enclosed in a sturdy sheet metal housing. The necessary control elements are clearly laid out on the front panel.

The test cylinder is installed at an angle, so that the test procedure can be carried out comfortably when seated. It is no longer necessary to open the test head to remove the specimen, as this is automatically released by the hydraulic specimen holder once the test has been conducted. The entire test procedure runs automatically, including crack detection.

Types Of Tests: Erichsen Cupping Test

Standards: ISO 8490, DIN 50 101 / 50 102,EN 14-58, ASTM 643-84,EN 14-67, JIS Z-2247 and as well as all national and international standards mentioning the ERICHSEN Cupping Test.

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Product Specifications

Drawing force, max. 45 kN / 100 bar
Drawing speed, max. 150 mm/min
Punch stroke 19 mm
Sheet holder force 10 kN + 1,5 kN
Sheet width 105 mm
Sheet thickness up to approx. (applicable for a tensile strength of approx. 400 N/mm2) 2 mm
Note: If you need to perform a test not reflected here contact us to find out if a special solution is possible.