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CORROTHERM - Model 610

CORROTHERM – Model 610

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Salt Spray Tests / Condensation Tests

The CORROTHERM Model 610 is available in two models:

Model 610e: The 610e is controlled with a micro-controller and a four-line LCD whereby all important parameters can be entered at once. The chamber temperature, the humidifier temperature, and the spray pressure are shown in the display. Apart from the pre-programmed test cycles (from the manufacturer), a total of up to 15 programs can be stored. Optionally, the data can be transferred via an interface to a
built-in printer.

Model 610: The CORROTHERM 610 is a manually controlled corrosion test apparatus, which is fully made up of non-polluting Polypropylene (PP) material and contains all the necessary equipment for testing in accordance with the spray mist test and condensation water tests as per the following standards ASTM B 368 T “CASS TEST”, DIN 50 021, DIN EN ISO 7253, ISO 11503, DIN EN ISO 6270-2, ASTM B 117.

It has a compact box-type construction with the front door making provision for ease of control and accessibility to the test chamber. The spray nozzle is fitted into the inner rear panel and the suspension rods are fitted across the test chamber at three different levels and on these smaller sized assemblies or test panels can be placed in ‘U’ shape. There is a heating element at the bottom of the test chamber to provide optimum conditions for humidifying and temperature control.

Test chambers:
Available sizes – 400 l, 1000 l

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