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Cross Hatch Cutters Models 295

Cross Hatch Cutters Models 295

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These cross hatch cutters are used to perform adhesion inspections using cross-hatch tests in accordance with international standards. The device works purely mechanically. It is a hand-held unit that meets all cross-hatch-relevant standards. It consists of an ergonomically shaped plastic handle to which the cutting body is attached so that it is easily replaceable. It can also be variably attached, so that the handling can be customized according to user preferences. There are several versions with different cutters to choose from, each with four cutting edges (except model 295/VI, which has two cutting edges).

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Product Specifications

Instrument Model Test Principle Ruler and no. of cuts thickness
Cross Hatch Cutters 295 The basic principle is to cut through the coating with a series of several cuts at right angles in a defined manner. Results obtained as square pattern and evaluated visually by examining the way in which the coating has broken away from the base material, which is compared with schematic representations in the standard. Please refer technical brochure.