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Cyclic Corrosion Chamber Testing Instruments Model 618

Cyclic Corrosion Chamber Testing Instruments Model 618

Cyclic Corrosion Tests / Salt Spray Tests / Condensation Tests

The Model 618 programmable cyclic corrosion chamber is made of special impact-resistant glass fiber reinforced plastic and are suitable for low-temperature cycles (down to -40 °C) and heat (up to +70 °C).

The cyclic corrosion chamber cabinets are opened pneumatically, so the user can use both the hands to handle the test samples. The well designed combined cabinet/chest shaped instrument enables a very ergonomic & user-friendly placing of the test samples.

Through touch screen operation, the operator can store several programs, each program consisting of several individual steps. Therefore, tests in varying climatic conditions with differing specifications from the automotive standards can be programmed.

The basic instrument comes with a humidity regulation function. This allows the regulation of humidity during tests from ambient conditions up to 95 % relative humidity. The actual temperature and the air humidity values are displayed both graphically and numerically.

Test chambers:
Available sizes – 400 l, 1000 l, 2000 l

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