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Digital Shore Hardness Tester

Digital Shore Hardness Tester

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The HPE III model digital shore hardness tester is the latest generation of portable digital shore hardness tester available in the market.

With the standards being revised so frequently and the reduction or at least tracking of testing uncertainty coming to the forefront of testing, this machine is indeed a novel step towards the future.

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Product Specifications

The hardness tester boasts for the following salient features:
  • The hardness tester can be mounted on an Optional Automatic Stand and the complete hardness testing can be made Automatic.
  • Elimination of operator influence by use of patented constant contact grip mechanism to ensure constant contact pressure between the machine and the sample surface.
  • Room temperature and sample surface temperature measurement (*C or *F).
  • Room humidity display
  • Storage of 300 measured values
  • Saving of test date and time
  • Aluminum body
  • Special material sourced for manufacturing the spring
  • Special preconditioning of the spring
  • Use of ball bearings to reduce friction and testing uncertainty
  • Every machine is unique since the ball bearings need to be hand selected to fit into the shaft of each machine based on the tolerances.
  • Possibility to adjust the test duration between 1 to 99 seconds