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DIN Abrasion Testing Machine

DIN Abrasion Testing Machine

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The DIN abrasion tester from Bareiss measures the resistance to abrasion of rubber products like tyres, conveyor belts, shoes, tubes etc.

It has a rotating drum moving at a fixed speed. An emery sheet of standard roughness is pasted on to the rotating drum. The test piece is made according to dimensions defined in the standard and its weight is measured using a weighing balance. Weights in the range of 2.5 Newton to a total of 10 Newton can be added on the test piece before testing.

Once the machine is started, the test piece comes in contact with the emery sheet on the rotating drum with the test force acting on top of the sample. The test piece covers a known distance. The test piece loses mass due to abrasion against the drum. After the test is completed, the reduced mass of the test piece is calculated by reducing the Initial weight and final weight of the test piece. It is possible to test with both the rotating specimen method and non rotating specimen method.

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Product Specifications

Additional accessories include:
  • A moving brush mounted on a rack which is in constant contact with the rotating drum. This brush removes the rubber particles present on the emery sheet after the test piece comes in contact with the emery sheet.
  • Spare brushes
  • Calibration certificate according to ISO 17025.
  • Calibration rubber sheets according to Method A and Method B


  • Hot abrasion
  • Cold abrasion
  • Hot and Cold abrasion