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Drying Time Recorder Model 504

Drying Time Recorder Model 504

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The Instrument drying time recorder automatically registers and records the drying behavior of paints and similar coatings. This instrument comes with a metal housing with cover plate. This cover plate also serves as a support surface for 6 glass strips measuring 305 x 25 mm, on which the coatings to be tested are applied. The six testing needles are attached to a steel holding fixture. The power switch and the rotary knob for setting the running time (6, 12 or 24 hours) are located on the side. This instrument provides variable testing speeds. This device has a choice of 20 pre-programmed running times from 7.5 minutes to 96 hours. (Other running times are available on request)

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Product Specifications

Instrument Model Test Principle Test Surface Running length Glass strip dimension
Dry time tester 504 A needle slides over the coating at a preset speed. The track produced by the needle varies according to the degree of dryness. The different drying stages are defined by evaluating the time and track characteristics of the film under investigation. 500×70 mm 300 mm 305X25 mm