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Erichsen Cupping Machine for Lacquer and Paint Model – 202EM

Erichsen Cupping Machine for Lacquer and Paint Model – 202EM

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Lacquer and Paint test machine used to test base coating of Sheet metal up to 1.5mm thickness. The machine is equipped with an electromotive drive and a test head, which is laterally openable. A test tool in accordance with DIN EN ISO 1520 is provided. The machine is operated via a touch panel.

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Product Specifications

Machine Model Test to be done Principle Sheet Thickness Drawing speed Clamping /Clamping force/Sheet hold/Blank holding force Opening for Sheet insert (width)
Lacquer and Paint testing machine 202EM Erichsen cupping test 45kN tensile force Electro motor drive Up to 1.5 mm 2mm/min to 60mm/min By using piston 30 – 55 mm for sheet thickness 0.1 mm to 1.5 mm thickness


Operating the Lacquer and Paint Testing Machine is simple and it is used for rapid and accurate measurement of the elongation and adhesion properties by using the Erichsen cupping test in following standards
  • DIN EN ISO 1520
  • BS 3900: Part E4
  • NF T 30-019
  • SIS 18 41 77