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Erichsen Cupping Testing Machine for Lacquer and Paint Testing Model 212

Erichsen Cupping Testing Machine for Lacquer and Paint Testing Model 212

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Fully automatic cupping and deep-draw testing machine for testing the ductility of coated ferrous and non-ferrous metals (such as coil coatings, painted, plastic-coated or galvanized materials). The testing machine is electro-hydraulically driven, has a maximum pulling force of 100 kN, and features digital displays for the pulling force, the blank (sheet) holding force and the drawing stamp path. During the production of thermo-formed products, the materials are deformed along all three coordinate planes. In order to avoid any subsequent corrosion damage, the surface coating must not be damaged. For the standard checks and verifications required for quality control, the Model 212 is well suited for cupping and deep-draw tests in the sheet thickness range of 0.1 mm to 3.0 mm.

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Product Specifications

Machine/ Model Test to be done Principle Sheet Thickness/Drawing speed Clamping /Clamping force/Sheet hold/Blank holding force Drawing force Drawing puch Stroke Blank holder stroke Blanking force Opening for Sheet insert (width)
Lacquer and Paint testing machine Model 212 Erichsen cupping test and deep drawing cupping test up to up to 120 kN Fully Automatic machine operated Electro-hydraulic Drive with Data recording 0.1 mm to 3mm and 770mm/min 45kN 100kN 60mm 35mm 200kN 110mm