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Erichsen Testing Machine for Lacquer and Paint Testing Model 200

Erichsen Testing Machine For Lacquer and Paint Testing Model 200

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For testing elasticity and adhesive quality of lacquers and other protective coatings on metallic supports by means of the Erichsen Cupping Test according to DIN EN ISO 1520, ISO 1520, BS 390.

The Model 200 paint and lacquer testing machine is a table-top unit with a cast-iron machine frame and a testing cylinder. Using the Model 200, the ERICHSEN CUPPING TEST can be carried out on painted sheets and strips up to 1.25 mm thick and 70 – 90 mm wide, and with a tensile strength of 400 N/mm². The painted or protective coated test sheet is pressed into a die with a spherical stamp. It is then stretched until the paint or coating tears or peels off.

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Product Specification

Machine Model Test to be done Principle Sheet thickness Opening for Sheet insert (width)
Lacquer and Paint testing machine 200 Erichsen cupping test up to 1.5 at 400 N/mm2 Simple Manual drive Maximum 1.25mm approx.70 – 90 mm (or approx. 30 – 60 mm) Specimen thickness: max.1.25 mm