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Universal Sheet Metal Testing Machine - Erichsen 145-100

Universal Sheet Metal Testing Machine – Erichsen 145-100

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Universal Sheet Metal Testing Machine, Model 145-100 comes with an electro-hydraulic drive, max.  drawing force 1000 kN. The blank holder force can be pre-set to a  max. of 1000 kN. Control of sheet holder force and drawing punch speed, for testing sheets and strips is possible. The machine has a fully automatic test sequence and automatic switch off at specimen failure.

  • The operator’s controls are well arranged on the control panel.
  • Electro-hydraulically driven operation.
  • Automatic or manual control of test sequence.
  • A programmable logic controller is used to control the functions of the machine.
  • Sheet holder force, the drawing force, drawing punch stroke is digitally displayed.
  • Triple-acting hydraulic system.
  • Cylinder head with bayonet lock.
  • Infinitely variable drawing speed.
  • Cardanic drawing die retention.

Possible Tests:

  • ERICHSEN Cupping Test
  • Deep Drawing Test at High Temperatures up to 550 °C/ High Temperature Facility up to 850 °C
  • Square Cup Test (40 x 40 mm or 70 x 70 mm)
  • Hole Expanding Test (ISO 16630)
  • High Temperature Forming Limit Curve (at temperatures up to 850 °C).
  • Bulge Test (50 mm dia. or 100 mm dia.)
  • Nakajima Test for Determination of Forming Limit Curves
  • Marciniak Test for Determination of Forming Limit Curves
  • Waviness Test.
  • Hydraulic Bulge Test.

Possible Standards:

  • ERICHSEN Cupping Test: DIN EN ISO 20482, JIS Z-2247, NF A 03-602, NF A 03-652, ASTM E 643-09, GOST 10510, GB 4156-07
  • ERICHSEN Deep Drawing Cup Test: DIN EN 1669, ISO 11 531, JIS Z 2249, GB/T 15825
  • Hole Expansion Test: ISO 16630
  • Bulge Test: ISO 16808
  • ERICHSEN Cupping Test for Lacquer and Paint: DIN ISO 1520
  • Nakajima Test for Determination of Forming Limit Curves acc. ISO 12004
  • Marciniak Test for Determination of Forming Limit Curves acc. ISO 12004
  • Waviness test acc. to PV 1054

Note: Requirements of various other tests and standards could also be met. Please contact us for details.

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Product Specifications

Parameter Value
Drawing Force 1000 kN
Blanking Force 1000 kN
Sheet Holder Force 5 up to 250 kN and 20 up to 1000 kN
Drawing Punch Dia up to 100 mm
Drawing Punch Stroke approx. 150 mm
Blank Holder Stroke approx. 38 mm
Blank Diameter up to 220 mm (greater diamaters available on request)
Drawing Speed up to 1000 mm/min (higher speeds available on request)
Power Supply 26.4 kW/ 400 V / 50 Hz

Equipment & Software

  • ErMES: Software and data acquisition system for acquisition of punch force, punch stroke and sheet holder force. This software also plots graphs such as Punch Force Vs. Punch Stroke.
  • 126 Plus: Automatic ear measuring device
  • HEXRASCAN: Camera and software system for automatic detection of crack, automatic test stop and measurement of hole expansion ratio.
  • Hot Drawing Equipment: Ex-situ heating device for heating up to 550°C is available.
  • Hot Drawing Equipment up to 700 °C: A high temperature facility enables to characterize the forming behaviour of metal sheets at up 700 °C.
  • Tools: Exhaustive selection of tools and dies is available from Erichsen!