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Film Applicator UNICOATER 409

Film Applicator UNICOATER 409

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The machine is a budget-priced, motor-driven film applicator for defined and reproducible application of coating materials on very different plain substrates. We can overcome the issues in accuracy and irregularity when applying films by hand.

This results in the following important advantages

  • An even and reproducible film thickness over the whole surface
  • Large number of Identical samples can be tested in short period
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Product Specifications

Dimensions (L*W*H) 450*400*220
Drawn down speed 5-99 mm/s.
Maximum test area 335 mm * 345 mm
Applicators Staggered gap film applicator, BIRD film Applicator, BAKER 286, Wasag, Spiral Filmograph
Weight of the machine 22.5kg