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Fogging Tester

Fogging Tester

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The fogging tester is used to identify the windscreen fogging in cars according to ISO 6452 and SAE J1756.

This is a table top machine which comes with heating and cooling reservoir integrated in the same frame. The machine comes with two variants. One variant comes with facility to connect cool water at 18°C while the other model comes with peltier cooling.

The temperature range of the machine is from:

  • Heating bath: +40 to +130 °C
  • Cooling bath: +20 to +80 °C

Standard supply include:

  • 6 beakers according to DIN and ISO standard
  • Sealing rings made of Silicone rubber
  • Cooling plates
  • Test glass 14 nos and a stand
  • Stainless steel rings
  • Spirit level
  • Stand for beakers
  • Disc shaped Alumunium foils
  • Spacer for plastic films
  • Filter papers

Other tools required for completing the test include:

  • Stove bath fluid
  • DIDP reference liquid for verification of equipment
  • A weighing balance
  • A gloss or Haze meter
  • Etc…..
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