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Automatic Hardness and Density Tester

Automatic Hardness and Density Tester

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The automatic hardness and density machine from Bareiss is a very recent innovation. It is used to identify the Hardness and Density of soft and natural rubber test pieces of standard dimension on one single machine in one single process automatically.

This is the age of Industry 4.0 and the smart factory. The HDA series of machines are designed keeping this in mind. The machine uses a Bareiss hardness tester, a weighing balance of European origin and automation components from reliable German suppliers like Siemens, Balluff, Schunk, Festo etc. This ensures strict quality control across the entire process.

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Product Specifications

The machine contains a silo for loading multiple samples of same dimension and material. The parts are fed on a rotating table. Depending on the volume of testing, the number of hardness stations can be increased. Once the hardness is measured, the samples then move to the density station where the measurement of the density is completed. Based on the result obtained, samples outside tolerance are separated from the accepted parts. The water level is replenished constantly in the density station automatically. The environmental temperature & Humidity is always measured. Wet and dry operations are handled by different grips to ensure that there is no sample contamination during subsequent process. The machine completely removes the necessity of an operator who can be used for more productive activities. Data can be transmitted through Ethernet to your server.