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High Precision XY Tables

High Precision XY Tables

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The high precision XY stage, extendable to Z and Tilt axes as well provides precise positioning capabilities required for applications such as DNA research, Carbon Nanotube research and IC testing.

A single microprocessor based controller can pilot 12 stages. This can be futher extended to 30 stages by using the integrated CAN Bus. The stage can be easily adapted to the chamber of almost any SEM, Light Microscope or FIB and most AFMs.

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Product Specifications

  • Dimensions (mm) (L×W×H): ∼ 40×40×22 (XY-Module), ∼ 40×54×35 (XYZ-Module)
  • Range of Motion (mm): 20×20 (XY-Module), 20×20×20 (XYZ-Module)
  • Displacement Resolution: < 10 nm
  • Speed: 0.001 μm/s to 4,000 μm/s
  • Position Sensor: Linear Encoder
  • Controll System: Microprocessor Controller, Joystick, PC-Software