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Humidity Cabinet Hygrotherm - Model 519

Humidity Cabinet Hygrotherm – Model 519

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The Hygrotherm is a 300 L chamber for humidity testing of large scales batches of specimen. The temperature can be set on an electronic temperature regulator with the set value and actual value being shown on LED displays.

Available models:
HYGROTHERM 519 SA – Semi Automatic:

  • HYGROTHERM; Model 519 SA, is extensively used for testing the reaction of corrosion protection systems
  • to condensation exposure for condensation water
    constant humidity climates (CH) in according to DIN EN ISO 6270-2
  • for reaction of industrial finishes to sulphur dioxide containing atmospheres

HYGROTHERM 519 FA – Fully Automatic:

The applications of the 519 FA are similar to those of 519 SA. The model 519 FA is additionally equipped with a PLC  for enabling fully automatic sequences, i.e. the control of heating, acid feeding and draining, filling of the bottom trough with water as well as draining, refilling of the trough water tank, and evacuation and replacement of air.

An electronic gas dosing unit for tests in sulfur dioxide atmosphere is included in the scope of supply of Model 519 FA which can be operated via a remote control (with USB interface for connection to a PC).

The Standards that can be met include the following:

  • DIN EN ISO 6270-2 CH
  • DIN EN ISO 6988
  • DIN 50 958
  • DIN 53 771
  • DIN 55 991
  • NFT 30-055
  • ISO 3231
  • ISO 4541
  • ISO 11 503
  • ASTM D 2247
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