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Light Exposure Test Apparatus Solarbox - Model 522H

Light Exposure Test Apparatus Solarbox – Model 522H

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These apparatuses are modern light exposure and weathering instruments, which simulate realistic conditions comparable to natural outdoor weathering using Xenon lamps. The spectral distribution of light can be accurately adjusted from 300 nm to 800 nm. The intensity of irradiation is about 1000 W/m2. Filters allow adaptation of UV fraction to individual test pieces.

Available models:

  • SOLARBOX 522/1500 and 522/1500e
  • SOLARBOX 522/3000 and 522/3000e

Available Models:

  • SOLARBOX 522/1500e RH and
  • SOLARBOX 522/3000e RH

These are extended versions of model 522/1500e and model 522/3000e, but with additional control/monitoring of relative humidity in test chamber during the test.


  • ISO 11 341
  • ASTM D 5071
  • UNI 9397

Fields of Application:

  • For determining the light resisting properties of paints, bonding agents, pigments, plastics, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and many other products
  • For testing colour fastness to light
  • For testing the durability of the techno-mechanical properties of plastics
  • For evaluating the gloss endurance and chalk resistance of paints
  • For aging tests based on light exposure and cyclic wetting by way of the flooding system.
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