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Liquid Helium Cryo Stage

Liquid Helium Cryo Stage

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The Cryo-Module is mounted on the working platform of the XY-table. The liquid Helium inlet is made as a double-wall tube system.

The Prober Module is mounted on four standoffs as “second level” on the working platform. The three manipulator-arms hold the drums with the bending piezo elements. Their movement is controlled extremely precise from an external voltage controller. This provides the fine touchdown movement, free of play and backlash. The needle holders can be made as “Kelvin Connections”.

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Product Specifications

  • Lowest Temperature: 4.2 K
  • Working Temperature: 10 to 250 K
  • Cooling Time: 26 min.
  • Gas Consumption for Min. Temp.: 0.3 ltr.
  • Cooling Medium: Liquid Helium