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Liquid Nitrogen Cryo Stage

Liquid Nitrogen Cryo Stage

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This Cryo module can be mounted to the SEM stage like a large specimen. The temperature exchanger geometry inside the cryostat body, the so-called “whirlpool”-chamber, runs at very low vibration level with minimum liquid nitrogen consumption. Liquid (or in some applications, gaseous) nitrogen flows through the chamber.

Any temperature from room temperature down to 80 Kelvin can be kept constant using the PID controller, which is part of this package. With a special version the top of the cold surface holds a dovetail, so that with SEMs having an airlock mechanism, the specimen can be inserted through the loading port.

The holder which fits there, carries the specimen (isolated for specimen current measurement), a Faraday cup, and a 4-pin plug with shielded cables leading to the vacuum feed through at the chamber wall. This facilitates the observation of ICs at low temperatures in voltage contrast. The plug engages with the four electrical contacts at the end of the insertion movement.

The picture shows only one of the many available designs. Please contact us for specific details.

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Product Specifications

Dimensions (L × W × H) Approx. 100 × 60 × 30 mm3
Weight Approx. 0.5 kg
Specimen Size Up to 30 mm Ø
Max. Heating ramp 3°C/s
Temperature Sensor PT100
Temperature Range – 190°C to +100°C
Temperature Stability >0.1°C (PT100)