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Low Temperature Testers

Low Temperature Testers

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With Globalization, everyone is forced to perform all types of tests. For example, if you are manufacturing rubber components in a hot country like India, you are still expected to perform low temperature tests if you are supplying the parts to a car manufacturer in Sweden. Elastocon offer some of the best quality Low Temperature Testing machines. These machines are designed after much deliberation and trying out all options provided in the standard. Only the best (Not the cheapest) design is accepted and manufactured to ensure 100% compliance with the standard. For example our brittleness tester uses gravity as the acceleration mechanism to ensure compliance with velocity to be maintained after impact.

The low temperature test methods are broadly classified into:

  • Gehman Test
  • Low Temperature Retraction Test
  • Low Temperature Brittleness Test
  • Low Temperature Relaxation Test
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Product Specifications

These tests are mostly used to characterize the relative stiffness / glass transition properties of rubber materials before they are put into manufacturing to be used under low temperature environmental conditions to ensure zero failure. The cooling medium is common for first three tests. The contact media is Ethanol and the cooling medium is by liquid nitrogen passed through metal tubes within the chamber. We also offer the liquid nitrogen container and the magnetic cut off valve to maintain constant temperature in the liquid ethanol. Since the cooling media is the same, the same cooling chamber can be used to do all the three tests with the help of a rotating carousel which alternates between the three tests. Since these are short term tests, a single unit which can perform all three tests is quite useful and space saving. For the low temperature compression set test, the cooling medium is air.