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Cutting Press and Knives - Manual Mechanical Cutting Press

Manual Mechanical Cutting Press

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Manufacturing Partner:

ABS Instruments offer the complete and wide range of tensile sample preparation machines. We offer manual, pneumatic and hydraulically operated Tensile sample preparation machines.

The manual mechanical cutting press comes with a solid compact C frame construction. The handle for punching the sample out is kept at an ideal height that helps operator to cut samples with minimum efforts.

The press can be used to punch out rubber and plastic (We need samples in case of plastics to confirm possibility). The press comes with a safety lock that needs to be released before the cutting operation.

The press offers cutting forces up to 10 kN to ensure a single through cut of the sample.


  • Cutting knives of different shapes according to different standards.
  • Shanks for each knife so that height of the cutting head need not be adjusted every time a knife is changed.
  • Guiding rod for cutting samples which curl (Like insulation cables).
  • Cutting mat to protect the knives after cutting through the sample.
  • All knives come with a dimension certificate.
  • Customized knives can be designed based on customer specific drawings.
  • Knives can be supplied for press of other make also.
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