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Tensile Micro-Mechanical Stage

Tensile Micro-Mechanical Stage

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The micro-mechanical stage was developed to meet the needs of testing the mechanical properties of miniature specimen using various microscopes. The micro-mechanical tensile / compression stage can apply forces of up to 10 kN (higher forces optionally available) and can perform tensile, compression, bending, crack growth and cyclic tests. Most of these tests can be done at temperatures up to 1000 °C within the chambers of most SEMs as well as some AFMs, Raman Microscopes, Optical Microscopes and X-Ray microscope systems. The micro-mechanical tensilstage can also be adapted for use with EBSD detectors at high temperatures and on Synchrotron beam lines.

Other available options include clip on extensometers and video extensometers. The stage can also be expanded to include ultra micro indentation while a tensile load is applied to the specimen at various temperatures. A large catalogue of clamping devices is already available to test different materials of varying dimensions (from fibers of thickness less than 5 μm to 5 mm). Customised gripping systems can be developed based on user requirements.

Because the design is modular, forces ranging from Micro Newtons to 10 kN can be applied on the same stage by using different combinations of accessories. The design of the stage also allows for testing the creep and relaxation properties of the material under observation.

Materials of all types, ranging from biomaterials and polymers to very brittle materials such as ceramics and glass can be tested on the stage.

Importantly, the stage operates such that the area of interest is always within the field of view even as the test is carried out.

Tensile Sample Preparation

ABS Instruments offer the complete and wide range of tensile sample preparation machines. We offer manual, pneumatic and hydraulically operated Tensile sample preparation machines.We offer the most robust and convenient hydraulic sheet metal blanking press / hydraulic punching press / tensile sample punching machines from Germany.

The durable tools are mounted on a C frame press and movement of the tools is actuated using hydraulic mechanism.

  • C frame design with possibility to punch samples from uncut sheets
  • Multiple specimen shape punches on same tool to punch more samples from a single punching operation
  • Multiple pressing heads on the same press to mount multiple tools (Twin tools (Two), Quattro tools (Four) of same capacity of different capacities based on sheet metal thickness and strength.

To improve productivity, we can offer the following utilities:

    • Parking tables for storing tools at same height as the punching head.
    • Easy tool handling to ensure very little force is required for moving a tool after it is dismounted
    • Protective screens with electrical and mechanical interlocks to protect operator from harm
    • Convenient sample evacuation solutions
    • Unique sample identification based on the orientation

Capacities starting from 30 tons (300 kN) up to 700 tons (7,000 kN).

Samples can be cut out according to various international standards including but not limited to: ISO6892 B1-1, ISO6892 B1-2, ISO6892 B1-3, ASTM E8/E8M, JIS etc to name a few.

Note: Please contact us for further information.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A Micro Mechanical Tester is used to test the tensile, compression, cycling, creep and other such properties of materials.

The Micro Mechanical Tester is mounted on to the stage of a suitable microscope (SEM, AFM, Optical, Acoustic etc.) or an X-Ray beam line to understand what happens to the specimen during the course of the test. The Micro Mechanical Testers can be used under ambient conditions as well as in vacuum and high temperature environments.

The Micro Mechanical Testers are used in Technical Universities and R&D labs that have an interest in the subject of materials testing and tools such as various compatible microscopes. These include institutes of eminence, aerospace, energy and defence research organisations.

Micro Mechanical Testing may be used for several applications including testing of metallic specimen, ceramics, carbon fibers, polymers, thin films etc. going down to diameters of less than 5 microns. If you can mount the specimen on our stage, you can test it. In case you are unable to mount the specimen, let us know and we will see if we can find a suitable solution ;).