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Tomography Micro-Mechanical Stage

Tomography Micro-Mechanical Stage

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The stage is mounted on the Z-axis of the tomography instrument with a special adapter. During the process of tomography, it is only the specimen held by the grips that turns while the frame and other components remain stationary. Consequently no element of the stage moves through the recording beam.

As a consequence of the design of the stage, the area of interest on the specimen is always within the field of view. Since the area of interest is not placed inside any enclosure, the contrast is high even at low X-Ray energies.

A combination of Tension / Compression and Torsional loads can be applied on a specimen. A change in fixtures allows for 3 & 4 point bend tests as well.

Axial Force: 5 kN
Torsion: 5 Nm

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