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Nano Manipulation & TEM Lift Out Module

Nano Manipulation & TEM Lift Out Module

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This device can used for most kind of nano manipulations, including TEM Lamell Lift-out. The embedded linear encoders allow for continuous monitoring of the actual position of the manipulator.

XYZ movement, tilting and rotation are possible. The orthogonal mechanical arrangement allows for fatigueless and intuitive working.

The standard delivery includes XYZ table + Rotation + Tilt axes, adapter for SEM, FIB, LM or AFM, Electrical Vacuum Feed-through Flange, Tabletop Controller & internal and external cable set.

Note: Travel range: X = 20 mm, Y = 20 mm, Z = 5mm, R = unlimited, T = ± 10° mm (manual tilt variation). For larger coverage or additional axes, please contact us.

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Product Specifications

Materials Aluminium, Stainless Steel, Ceramics
Dimensions in mm (L × B × H) ̃ 40 × 54 × 35 (cross table) Weight: ~100g.
Coverage in mm 20 × 20 × 20 (XYZ-Module)
Movement resolution < 1 nm
Speed range 1000 μm/sec*. – 0,001 μm/sec.
Position measurement Linear Encoder
Controller Microprocessor controller, Joystick
Housing Desktop box