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Cutting Press and Knives - Pneumatic Cutting Press

Pneumatic Cutting Press

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ABS Instruments offer the complete and wide range of tensile sample preparation machines. We offer manual, pneumatic and hydraulically operated Tensile sample preparation machines.

The pneumatic cutting press is also a C frame design. The actuation is done using pneumatic air. The movement of the cutting head is triggered by pressing two switches using both hands for safety.

The press applies a force of 25 kN. The press can also be supplied with a silent air compressor since the machine is mostly used in labs.


  • Cutting knives of different shapes according to different standards.
  • Shanks for each knife so that height of the cutting head need not be adjusted every time a knife is changed.
  • Guiding rod for cutting samples which curl (Like insulation cables).
  • Cutting mat to protect the knives after cutting through the sample.
  • All knives come with a dimension certificate.
  • Customized knives can be designed based on customer specific drawings.
  • Knives can be supplied for press of other make also.
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