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Quantiz – Machine Vision System for Corrosion Analysis

Quantiz – Machine Vision System for Corrosion Analysis

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The Quantiz is a machine vision based device that captures surfaces and analyses them for defects following tests such as Stone Hammer Blow test and corrosion tests. The device comprises of hardware as well as software for image analysis, documentation and reporting.

Apart from other parameters, scribe delamination, edge corrosion and surface corrosion can also be evaluated. The hardware consists of camera and bright field illumination for non-destructively detecting Filiform Corrosion, Bubbling (infiltration), as well as extra-sensitive detection of white rust on Zinc surfaces. The hardware is fully calibrated and does not require any adjustments from the user.

The software analyses the image and stores it along with the parameters analysed. The images are automatically imported into the software without requiring the user to manually import into the software.

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