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Rebound Resilience Tester

Rebound Resilience Tester

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The rebound resilience tester is a simple equipment used to measure the dynamic behavior of rubber materials. It is quite widely used in the tyre industry, research and development labs, conveyor belt manufacturers, rubber compound manufacturing industry etc.

Bareiss offer two variants of the rebound resilience testing machine: Manual and Automatic models. The automatic model offers the option of automatic start of test cycle at the push of button, automatic impact, automatic measurement of the rebound resilience percentage and automatic return to home position.

It is also possible to offer a high temperature hot plate that can be used to perform tests at up to 100*C.

Bareiss can also undertake special projects where the complete process of pre-heating of sample, feeding of sample to the machine, testing and accepting or rejecting the sample based on the value obtained is automated. The data acquired can be analyzed and sent to your central server there by saving man power and man hours on mundane activity of testing.

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Product Specifications

The measurement of rebound resilience is done by measuring the angle of rebound of the hammer with a known geometry, known mass and a known travel distance / height. We can also supply a hammer with a lower mass to perform the same test on foams. Hammers with lower mass to perform the same test on foams are available. Standards: DIN 53512, ASTM D 1054, ISO 4662