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Rubber Hardness Tester - Automatic & Universal

Rubber Hardness Tester – Automatic & Universal

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Model Digitest II manufactured by Bareiss Germany is a truly universal rubber hardness tester / plastic hardness tester / foam hardness tester. In short, it can be called a polymer hardness tester.

The modular design of the Digitest II enables the user to easily exchange the measuring scales. Each hardness scale has a separate measuring scales including most Shore scales and all IRHD scales (Micro, Normal, Hard and Soft / Low). All these scales can be measured on a single machine!

The modular design also allows attaching multiple sample / product / specimen fixtures to ensure planarity, flatness and parallel to the horizontal. The most widely used fixture is the quick / easy O ring centering device. This device makes the Digitest II on of the most widely used “O ring hardness tester” in the world.

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Product Specifications

Hardness Scales: IRHD N/H/L, Shore A/D/O/B/D/C/D0/OO/OOO, Micro Shore A, Micro Shore D, VLRH Testable Specimen: Moulded Components, O-Rings, Oil Seals, Foams, Rubber Tubes & several others Standards: Meets all international standards including ASTM, ISO, IS, DIN, JIS etc. Industry: Almost all industries using rubber, plastics, foam and polymers. Most of the global car and two-wheeler manufacturers use this machine. Possibility of customization according to your product: YES!! Please contact us for more details.