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RUMUL Electromagnetic Resonance Based HCF & VHCF testers are replacing servo hydraulic systems all over the world for High Cycle Fatigue and Fracture Mechanics testing of metals, composites and other stiff materials and components.

The Maximum force of the RUMUL TESTRONIC machines ranges from 50 kN to 250 kN. These machines are significantly faster, smaller and more efficient than other comparable systems.

With the possibility to add furnaces and climatic chambers, testing possibilities are enormous.


  • Fracture Mechanics Testing
  • SN Curve Generation
  • Testing of IC Engine components such as Con-rods, Crankshafts, Pistons, Valve Lifters, Injection needles etc
  • Chains
  • Fasteners
  • Several others


  • Between 3 to 10 times faster than comparable servo hydraulic systems
  • Frequency independent of applied force
  • Power consumption < 1 kW
  • Does not require hydraulic power units and associated cooling infrastructure
  • Convenient to maintain and operate
  • Very ergonomic
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Product Specifications

Machine Model Possible Tests Principle Frequency of Testing Force Range
RUMUL Testronic HCF, Block, SN Curve, Woehler, Fatigue Crack Growth, Pre-Cracking, Fracture Toughness Electromagnetic Resonance 40 to 260 Hz Max. 50 kN to Max. 250 kN