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Scratch Hardness Tester 430 P-Smart

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SCRATCH HARDNESS TESTER 430 P is an automatic test sequence machine with 9 preset Standard Cross Cuts, which are operated by a programmable logic control system.

Scratch hardness tester will perform following tests

  • Scratch Hardness
  • Cross Hatch Cut
  • Scratch Resistance
  • Writing Effect
Standard Layer thickness No. of cuts x distance(mm)
DIN EN ISO 2409 up to 60μm 6 x 1 (for soft substrates)
6 x 2 (for soft substrates)
JIS K 5600-5-6 over 60μm to 120μm
over 120μm to 250μm
6 x 2
6 x 3
ASTM D 3359 up to 50μm
over 50μm to 125μm
11 x 1
6 x 2
SNV 37111 up to 60μm
over 60μm
8 x 1
8 x 2
VDA 621-411 up to 60μm
over 60μm to 120μm
over 120μm
6 x 1
6 x 2
6 x 3
ECCA T6 up to 50μm
over 50μm
6 x 1
6 x 1
2 x 5
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Frequently Asked Questions

A scratch hardness tester allows users to understand how much the surface and/or coating of a part has been affected by scratching it with a particular indenter at a particular force and particular speed.

Scratch Hardness Testers are used mainly in the automotive industry and coatings industries.