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Scratch Hardness Tester LINEARTESTER Model 249

Scratch Hardness Tester LINEARTESTER Model 249

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The scratch hardness tester can be used to determine the resistance of surfaces to scratches, and in many other ways including scratch/scribe tests, double stroke abrasion tests, crock meter tests, methyl ethyl ketone (MEK) tests solvent resistance tests in general or wipe tests. This model is a tabletop unit that runs with electromotive drive which ensures smooth carriage movements. The lowering or lifting of the test tool for the scratch/scribe tests is carried out automatically. There are many different testing tools available.

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Product Specifications

Instrument Model Test Principle Scratching force Test Speed Length of cycle Specimen Dimension
Scratch Hardness Tester 249 The test panel is fixed by means of clamping rails on to a mobile. A reciprocating beam, held on two pillars, is bedded in a free-moving manner and carries the test tool as well as a weight. 0.5 N – 20 N 25/35/200 mm/s (fixed) and (10 – 200) mm/s programmable 60/110 mm (with/without guide plate) 150 mm x 210 mm