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Scratch Hardness Tester TriForcePencil 293

Scratch Hardness Tester TriForcePencil 293

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The scratch hardness makes it easier to carry out testing based on Wolff-Wilborn method, while simultaneously ensuring compliance with the prescribed force and angle. The guide is easy to use and eliminates manual influences on the pressure applied. The Wolff-Wilborn test originally required a test weight of 750 g. Currently, however, the test load of 7.5 N has prevailed for this purpose. The block weight of the TriForcePencil 293 has three pencil guides that, according to their positioning, exercise the appropriate test force on the tip of the pencil.

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Product Specifications

Instrument Model Test Principle Adjustable Loading Weight
Adjustable Loading Weight 293 Pencils of varying hardness grades are moved over the painted surface at an angle of 45° with a force of 5 N, 7.5 N or 10 N (± 0.1 N) 5 N, 7.5 N, 10 N