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Sheet Metal Testing Machine-Model 102

Sheet Metal Testing Machine – Model 102

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The machine consists of a sturdy sheet metal housing into which the test aggregate (test cylinder with work piston, sheet holder piston) and the test tools as well as the hydraulic system are integrated. The emergency-stop switch is located on the control panel next to the touch panel, which starts the automatic menu navigation. The two control valves for the drawing and sheet holding force adjustment are user-friendly mounted in front of the housing.

When carrying out the ERICHSEN Cupping Test, the sheet metal specimen in the form of strip is inserted into the test cylinder and centralised by locating diagonally. The sheet holder force of e.g. 10 kN in accordance with DIN EN ISO 20482 is adjusted using a special regulating valve, and the actual cupping process is initiated by selecting the from the test specification required drawing speed on the speed regulator.

Since the testing machine is equipped with the function “automatic stop at specimen failure” the forward speed is automatically stopped when the crack occurs, so that in any case an objective test result is achieved. The ERICHSEN cupping value is displayed with an accuracy of 0.01 mm on the touch panel.

When carrying out the Bore Expanding Test (KWI) the initial bore (in accordance with the dimensions of the tools, i. e. normally 7.5 mm or 12 mm) is applied to the sheet metal specimen by drilling and reaming. Afterwards this initial bore is expanded until a crack appears.

Types Of Tests: Erichsen Cupping Test, Bore Expanding Test (KWI)

Standards: DIN EN ISO 20482, JIS Z-2247, ASTM 643-84, NF A 03-602,UNE 7080,NF A 03-652,GOST 10 510, GB 4156-84 for Erichsen Cupping Test & Siebel and Pomp (KWI) for Bore Expanding Test.

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Product Specifications

Drawing force max. 60 / 80 kN
Blank holder force max. 12 kN
Drawing speed max. 150 mm/min
Punch stroke >max. approx. 40 mm
Indication of punch stroke digital(accuracy 0.01 mm)
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