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Sheet Metal Testing Machine-Model 134

Sheet Metal Testing Machine-Model 134

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The machine consists of a sturdy steel plate housing into which the test head including test cylinder with 3 working pistons for blanking/sheet holding, drawing and ejecting, is fitted. The operator’s controls are arranged conveniently on a control panel.

Within the machine housing following parts are accommodated: Drive motor, hydraulic pump, oil tank , the necessary electro-hydraulic control gear and associate internal installation as well as electronic measuring transducers for exact detection of the test parameters.

Types Of Tests: ERICHSEN Cupping Test, Deep Drawing Cup Test

Standards: DIN EN ISO 20482, JIS Z-2247,ASTM 643-09, JIS Z-7729,NF A 03-602,NF A 03-652, GOST 10 510,GB 4156-07 for ERICHSEN Cupping Test & DIN EN 1669, ISO 11 531, JIS Z 2249, GB/T 15825 for Deep Drawing Cup Test

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Product Specifications

Drawing force max. 120 kN
Drawing speed max. 770 mm/min
Blank holder force max. 45 kN
Drawing punch stroke >approx. 60 mm
Blankholder stroke approx. 35 mm
Blanking force max. 200 kN
Sheet metal insert max. width 110 mm
Note: If You Need To Perform A Test Not Reflected Here Contact Us To Find Out If A Special Solution Is Possible.

Product Advantages

Cylinder head with bayonet lock
permitting direct access to drawing dies, blanking rings, blank holders etc. and quick and convenient changing of the drawing and blanking tools

  • Infinitely variable drawing speed
    once set it remains constant throughout the drawing movement, independent of any change of load
  • Cardanic drawing die retention
    ensures the consistent, parallel clamping of the specimen, independent of variations in thickness.
  • Crack-Detector
    ensures the facility for automatic stop at specimen failure by ERICHSEN Cupping Test.