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Soft Gel Capsule Hardness Tester

Soft Gel Capsule Hardness Tester

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The Digitest II Gelomat is an automatic hardness testing machine used to measure the hardness of soft gelatin capsules.

The features of the machine are as follows:

  • The machine comes with a 20 Newton force applicator with a round test stamp / indenter to apply pressure on the soft gel capsule.
  • The depth of penetration of the indenter can be set in the machine controller.
  • The force required to move the penetrator in the soft gel capsule to the preset depth is then compared with the standard of the customer to see if it is within acceptable limits.
  • This test is generally performed to check if a production batch has been cured properly.

The additional accessories which come with this machine are:

  • Special templates for quick centering of the soft gel capsules.
  • Calibration devices to calibrate the test force and depth of penetration.
  • Statistical analysis software
  • Test block for day to day verification
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