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Ultra Micro Indentation Stage for SEMs

Ultra Micro Indentation Stage for SEMs

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Because the stage can be mounted in a pre-tilted manner, it is possible to observe crack propagation during the course of the indentation. It is also possible to heat the specimen under to test to high temperatures.

The force applied ranges from the μN range to 1 N. Load cells and indentors (Knoop, Vickers, Berkovich) are interchangeable. The stage also comes with XY and XZ tables. In the fine mode, the Z movement can be measured with resolution of < 3 nm. The device comes with two indentors, one for measuring the peripheral and intrinsic flexibilities and the other for the actual indentation. The peripheral and intrinsic flexibilities provide a measure of the compliance of the device as well as the surroundings of the region of indentation. Note: Please contact us for further details.

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