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Universal Testing Machine : Tensile Testing

Universal Testing Machine : Tensile Testing

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A universal testing machine is used to determine the strength of materials and characterize their Stress and Strain characteristics. It is important to characterize materials before they are used for manufacturing.

This is very important since appropriate material strength corresponds to safety of the people using the product.

Since stress and strain are parameters which need to be determined with great statistical accuracy, repeatability and reproducibility, the following points play a major role in reducing uncertainities and getting a proper test result:

  • A very stiff design of load frame to ensure the deflection of the frame doesn’t contribute to errors in test result.
  • Selection of high precision mechanical and electronic components to making critical transducers like load cell and extensometer.
  • A very sensitive controller with a high resolution for real time closed loop control of the load / displacement / strain curve to correctly trace the behavior of the material.
  • An experienced software which factors in external influences which could affect the test result and eliminate the same from the calculations.
  • An effective eco system to manufacture a robust universal testing system exists in Europe and we bring you the best quality from Germany.

Based on the application, we can offer a wide range of test forces from a few Newtons to 10 Mega Newtons. Please contact us for further details.

Accessories which can be offered along with the above solutions include:

  • Grips and fixtures as per any national or international standards.
  • Extensometers – Video, Laser and clip on type (Automatic and manual)
  • Temperature chambers from -150°C to 1100°C testing temperature.
  • Testing software

All of the above solutions are standard available solutions. We can also offer customized solutions which include:

  • Elevated temperature testing.
  • Testing in vacuum.
  • Automatic testing using a 6 axis robot.
  • Etc. to name a few.

Please contact us for more detailed information.

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