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As a company which supplies material testing machines from Europe, it is important for us to have a good system for service maintenance and calibration. ABS handles this requirement as follows:

  • Our engineers are factory trained.
  • Our calibration laboratory, established in the mid ‘90s, has had ISO 17025 (NABL) accreditation since 2004.
  • Over the years, we have developed deep relationships not only with testing machine manufacturers but also their sub-suppliers in Europe. This allows us to procure sub-components of various types machines and various makes of machines.
  • We maintain close cooperation with our foreign principals to be up to date about their systems.
  • A number of our Calibration masters are imported and calibrated directly at NPL or with traceability to NPL.
  • We have among the best CMCs among Indian calibration labs for the parameters calibrated by us. The advantage of a superior Calibration lab CMC is lower uncertainty in the test results from machines calibrated by us.
  • Support is offered to our customers through several means – in person site visits by our engineers, through phone and through team viewer, email etc.
  • Separate training & knowledge sharing sessions on the machines can be organised on demand.
  • At present we do the calibration of Force, Displacement, Extensometers & COD Gauges, Hardness (Vickers, Brinell, Rockwell, Shore, IRHD), Pendulum Impact Testers, Speed & Displacement of Universal Testing Machine cross head / piston.
  • One of the first labs to get ISO 17025 accreditation for calibration of force up to 5,000 kN in compression and 1,000 kN in tension.

Feel free to contact us with your calibration and service requirements.

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